On Behalf of Vets, Common Defense Demands Passage of the Build Back Better Act

November 15th, 2021

WASHINGTON — This week, Congress has yet another chance to pass the Build Back Better Act, a sweeping social policy legislation that would transform the lives of millions of Americans, including millions of military families and veterans. The bill is a historic effort to counteract climate change, expand affordable health care, invest in children and caregiving services and support middle-class families instead of the ultra-wealthy.

Common Defense Executive Director Jose Vasquez released the following statement:

“Last week, elected officials flooded our feeds with statements of gratitude and support for veterans. This week, these same officials have the chance to turn their words into action on behalf of veterans across the country through passing the Build Back Better Act. 

“Across the country, thousands of military families are struggling with food insecurity, yet these same families are neglected in billion-dollar legislation like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA spends billions on military equipment and wars abroad while those risking their lives in defense of our country are barely scraping by. This is why we need the Build Back Better Act—to provide the infrastructure these families desperately need in order to flourish rather than merely survive.

One-third of post-9/11 veterans report trouble paying their bills, especially in the years directly following their service. The Build Back Better Act would provide tax cuts for families with children and for workers without children, thus helping veterans cover the cost of food, housing, health care and transportation—costs that are currently straining thousands of military members and their families. Additionally, the Build Back Better Act includes investments in affordable housing, affordable health care and universal pre-K. These provisions are ones the American people, including veterans, desperately need in order to recover from the pandemic and truly build the nation back better.

“Like us, our elected officials swore an oath to serve this country, and the passage of the Build Back Better Act would be a sign that our representatives are making good on that oath. We look forward to working with key congressional offices to secure its passage and set America on course to be a nation where liberty and justice truly are for all.”


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