Common Defense Responds to Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

February 24th, 2022

WASHINGTON — The veterans of Common Defense stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as Russia launches an assault, indiscriminately attacking both civilian and military targets. Innocent people who never asked for war should not have to suffer because of Russia’s belligerence. The United States and our allies must stand ready to assist the refugees who will be forced to flee to safety.   

Our country’s military has been in a permanent state of conflict for over twenty-one years. The cost of global, destabilizing, ever-expanding, forever wars has been devastating for our service members and to people all around the world. We will continue to pay in blood, lives, and dollars.

Our troops and all of the people impacted by the endless wars are still suffering from the consequences. This should be at the forefront of our leaders’ minds when deciding how to respond to Putin’s attack. 

Peace does not mean allowing unchecked aggression, in fact, we should do what is within our power to protect the vulnerable from injustice. In order to deter further violence and harm, the United States and our allies must be united in the face of this attack. Above all, even while we seek accountability, we must prioritize compassion for the real human cost of war which veterans know all too well. 


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