Common Defense Welcomes the Start of the Biden Administration, Looks Ahead to a Productive Four Years for Veterans.

January 20, 2021

Together with our over 200,000 members across the country, Common Defense worked to hold Congress accountable to impeach Donald Trump, to organize support for Democratic candidates in the 2020 elections, and to ultimately play a significant role in electing Joe Biden to be the 46th president of the United States. The previous four years have done unspeakable damage to our country and the American people, and set back the policies we need to thrive. As we now look to place the Trump era in the rearview mirror, we welcome today’s inauguration of President Joe Biden. Over the next four years, Common Defense looks forward to working with President Biden to enact the changes our Veterans and Armed Services need, including an end to the disastrous Forever Wars abroad and implementing a progressive future at home.

While we celebrate this new era of American history, we all recognize that the hard work truly begins on January 21st. As President Biden takes office, and with the support of a Democratic House and Senate behind him, he must fulfill his promises to Veterans and progressives with a productive first 100 days to his term. Most importantly, Common Defense urges President Biden to follow through on his promise to end the Forever Wars and bring our troops home. Our country’s constant state of conflict over the last 20 years has caused immeasurable harm to our nation. Now, it’s time to finally put it to an end.

Our country’s trillions of dollars spent on constant war has left American communities hurting, and it’s critical that the Biden administration champions policies and spending that focus on domestic priorities such as jobs, healthcare, climate resiliency, education and infrastructure. It’s long overdue for our country to end our armed conflicts above and invest in national security and foreign policy infrastructure that works for people, not major defense corporations’ profits. By curbing our bloated Pentagon budget in favor of domestic policies supported—and needed—by the American people, we can achieve remarkable things these next four years.

While American history books will mark today as a special moment in history, we hope the next 100 days will be remembered as the start of the progressive future this country deserves.

In Solidarity,

Team Common Defense

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