Ayanna Pressley

Ayanna Pressley is an advocate, a policy-maker, an activist, and survivor. A member of the progressive “Squad,” she was endorsed by Common Defense during her primary victory in 2018, and represents the communities surrounding Boston, Massachusetts.

Ayanna Pressley is an advocate, a policy-maker, an activist, survivor, the first woman of color ever elected to the Boston City Council, and would be the first Black woman ever elected to Congress in the state of Massachusetts. She has dedicated her life to eradicating poverty, building healthy communities, empowering women and girls, combating sexual assault, and fighting fiercely to make government serve all of us equally.

She defeated 10-year incumbent Democratic Rep Michael E. Capuano in the Democratic primary on September 4th.

“Change happens in the trenches. Pressley’s broader approach to policy-making is a deep commitment to justice and equality, and also a talent for perceiving concrete opportunities to make things better.”

The district, which is 57% people of color, “needs an advocate in touch with the everyday experiences of the district’s residents, including the most vulnerable.”


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