Common Defense’s Statement for National Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 29, 2021

The Vietnam War had a remarkable impact on American foreign policy and military doctrine that exists to this day. The experiences of those Veterans who served in Vietnam cannot go unnoticed, even today—and the lessons of the destruction brought by the Vietnam War persist as a timely reminder of why it’s crucial to end the forever wars of today.

One of our members, U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran Jim Sandoe, recalls, “As a Vietnam veteran, it’s hard to watch our young troops go to war with no more understanding of the global implications than we had when we got off the plane in Vietnam. To see them come back suffering from the same issues we had, and still have. We see their future, we are living it right now. We need to give returning veterans all the care that they need. It’s our moral obligation.”

To all Vietnam War Veterans, we thank you for your service. We see you, we hear you, we fight with you and we fight for you.

From the stories and guidance you’ve shared with all of us, we urge President Biden to put a stop to our endless wars that share far too many parallels with our conflict in Vietnam. President Biden must bring our troops home once and for all, as it is time we invest in Americans’ lives back home and build a society that is truly just and sustainable for all.

In Solidarity,

Team Common Defense

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