Common Defense Veterans Celebrate Passage of Build Back Better, Turn Attention to Senate

November 19th 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, after months of negotiations, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act, a sweeping social policy legislation that will transform the lives of millions of Americans, including millions of veterans. The bill is a historic effort to counteract climate change, expand affordable health care and invest in children and caregiving services.  

Common Defense Executive Director Jose Vasquez released the following statement:

“President Biden campaigned on unity and on making government work for the people, not big corporations or special interests. Today, with the House passing the Build Back Better Act, we are one step closer to him delivering on that promise and passing his transformational agenda. The bill is a historic piece of legislation that invests in policies and programs for everyday American people—not the millionaires, billionaires, or big corporations. This includes provisions that combat climate change, close the Medicaid gap, expand affordable health care, cut taxes for middle-class families and invest in children and caregiving services. Together, these policies make up the largest investment in social programs for the American people in decades. 

“The Build Back Better Act is the legislation the American people, including veterans, desperately need in order to recover from the pandemic and truly build the nation back better. While the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal signed into law earlier this week provided much-needed investment in the country’s physical infrastructure, the Build Back Better Act is necessary to fully tackle the challenges faced by Americans—and veterans. In particular, the $555 billion committed to climate action in the Build Back Better Act is absolutely crucial if we want to retain any hope in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a livable future for our kids and grandchildren. 

“We spend trillions of dollars on our armed forces and military abroad, and it is about time that we put some of that money back into our own country and people rather than endless wars and further environmental damage. As this bill advances to the Senate, we look forward to continuing to work with key senate offices to secure its passage with all current provisions intact. The time for lip service is over—now is the time to pass Build Back Better and deliver for the American people.”


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