Common Defense Veterans React to Trump Subpoena, Bannon Sentencing, Releasing Ad Demanding Officials Honor Oath of Office 


WASHINGTON — Following yesterday’s Rally for Democracy hosted by Common Defense where veterans sought accountability for January 6th and retook their oath of enlistment, today, a small step toward justice took place: and the former President has been subpoenaed and Steve Bannon has been sentenced to prison for refusing to comply with a Congressional subpoena on his role in insurrection. 

Common Defense, the nation’s largest grassroots organization, calls on elected officials and candidates to uphold their oath of office. The release of their latest ad, ‘The Oath’ reminds the public, veterans, and sitting members of Congress alike, that they are sworn to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Despite taking the same oath, 147 Republican members of Congress voted to deny the election results of 2020. Republican office holders and candidates across the country are still declining to say if they will accept election results in 2022.

What we have seen with our own eyes on January 6th pales in comparison to the mountains of evidence that the January 6th committee has uncovered.” Naveed Shah, Political Director of Common Defense said at the Rally for Democracy. “We know that sitting members of Congress aided and abetted the actions on January 6th. We know that the former president himself not only encouraged but watched with glee as our democracy was under attack–in breach of his Oath of Office.” 

Those of us who fought for this country, who lifted our right hand to serve, understand our oath didn’t expire when we took off our uniforms.” said Jacob Thomas, Communications Director of Common Defense at the Rally for Democracy. “Our elected officials have broken their oath to the American people and stand ready to threaten our democracy, but Common Defense is committed to upholding our oath for the future of our democracy.”

If you would like to learn more about Common Defense, their recent ad, and their campaign for justice please reach out to Communications Director Jacob Thomas ([email protected]) or Santiago Rivera ([email protected]

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