Common Defense Endorses Rep. Moulton for Reelection


WASHINGTON — Common Defense, a grassroots organization of progressive veterans with more than 250,000 members, is proud to endorse Representative Seth Moulton for reelection this fall.

Common Defense-endorsed candidates are individuals who we believe best capture the grassroots energy of our political moment to champion a policy agenda rooted in economic, social, and global justice. We are proud to announce the addition of Congressman Moulton to our slate of endorsees. Common Defense is deeply committed to and engaged in grassroots organizing, and these candidates are running and leading with these values at the forefront. 

About Rep. Moulton:

Seth Moulton joined the Marines in 2001, days after his college graduation and a few months before the attacks on 9/11. While he was an outspoken critic of the Iraq War, he proudly served four tours, leading a frontline infantry platoon in the first Marine company to enter Baghdad. He later worked to establish a free and independent Iraqi media, and then served as a liaison to senior Iraqi military and political leaders for General Petraeus.

After returning home from Iraq, Seth used the G.I. Bill and earned joint degrees in business and public policy, and then became the managing director of Texas Central, building America’s first high-speed rail line. Seth ran for Congress in 2014, and won, on a platform of bringing a new generation of leadership to Washington. His legislative accomplishments include delivering faster care for veterans, designating a three-digit National Suicide Hotline (9-8-8), modernizing government travel, and making ALS diability insurance more comprehensive and accessible. His American High-Speed Rail Act is the most ambitious and forward-thinking infrastructure package before Congress today, and he recently wrote the G.I. Bill Repair Act to finally restore long-denied benefits to Black veterans of World War II.

“Congressman Moulton has dedicated his life to service – first for our country and now for his community.” said Iraq veteran Naveed Shah, Political Director at Common Defense. “We are proud to endorse a fellow veteran who is unafraid to speak truth to power and challenge the status quo in Congress. At the same time, his ability to reach across the aisle and make compromises is sorely needed in this divided House. Most importantly, Rep. Moulton has been and will continue to be a strong advocate for our military veteran community.” 

“I’m proud to receive this endorsement from Common Defense because I share their goal of mobilizing veterans and military families to stand up against the rising tide of racism, hate, and violence,” said Congressman Moulton. “Patriotism is too often hijacked by extremists on the far right. It’s time for veterans to take back the politics of the flag.”

Common Defense is distinct from other veteran political organizations in that we endorse and support candidates who reflect the progressive values of our 250,000 members, regardless of whether the candidate served in the military themselves. Our work in 2022 focuses on organizing and training veterans and military families in these districts in order to give them the chance to speak out and challenge the status quo, and to change the false narrative that all veterans are conservatives. The military community is not a political prop to be exploited, and we will not endorse an agenda of greed and hate. 

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