Common Defense Endorses John Fetterman for US Senate in Pennsylvania

May 10, 2022

WASHINGTON — Common Defense, a grassroots organization of progressive veterans with more than 250,000 members, is proud to announce a new candidate endorsement for the 2022 US Senate election in Pennsylvania: John Fetterman. 

Common Defense-endorsed candidates are individuals who we believe best capture the grassroots energy of our political moment to champion a policy agenda rooted in economic, social, and global justice. We are proud to announce this slate of endorsees because Common Defense is deeply committed to and engaged in grassroots organizing, and these candidates are running and leading with these values at the forefront. 

About John Fetterman

20 years ago, John came to Braddock to start a GED program. He became mayor, and for 13 years worked to build the once-booming steel town back from collapse. As Lieutenant Governor, John has transformed the position into a bully pulpit for criminal justice reform. He has led the fight to free the wrongfully convicted and give second chances to deserving longtime inmates, and championed the cause of legalizing marijuana on a historic tour of all 67 counties.

“Now more than ever, we need leaders in the U.S. Senate who are there to truly represent working class people and to protect our fundamental rights,” said Naveed Shah, Political Director at Common Defense. “John Fetterman is one of these leaders, and that’s why I am proud to endorse him in Pennsylvania’s Senate race.”

“Receiving the endorsement of Common Defense is an honor. It is truly an honor to stand beside them in the fight to end Forever Wars, protect human rights abroad and at home, and enact economic justice,” said John Fetterman. “I will always fight for compassionate, diplomacy-first foreign policy and for our veterans here at home. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Common Defense for your support in this campaign.”

Common Defense is distinct from other veteran political organizations in that we endorse and support candidates who reflect the progressive values of our 250,000 members, regardless of whether the candidate served in the military themselves. Our work in 2022 focuses on organizing and training veterans and military families in these districts in order to give them the chance to speak out and challenge the status quo, and to change the false narrative that all veterans are conservatives. The military community is not a political prop to be exploited, and we will not endorse an agenda of greed and hate. 

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