Common Defense Veterans on Manchin’s Energy Permitting Bill: Fossil Fuels are not the Future


WASHINGTON — Last week, Senator Manchin released the bill updating the nation’s energy permitting rulesCommon Defense, the nation’s largest grassroots organization of progressive veterans, is dismayed by the concessions made to fossil fuel companies included in the bill which will have devastating impacts on future generations, concessions such as the re-permitting of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Common Defense Climate Justice Director, Perry O’Brien released the following statement:

“This bill is a rebuke to all those who have been working tirelessly towards policies to combat the climate crisis in favor of a more sustainable economy. Policies that protect the profits of fossil fuel corporations are bad for our country, bad for the world, and bad for the goal of protecting our climate for future generations. This bill is yet another handout to the fossil fuels companies who have already had a record year profiting off the backs of Americans by leeching money from us at the gas pump.

“Legislators owe it to their constituents to protect the environment, and safeguard the health of their communities. As a part of our ongoing efforts to advocate for climate justice, Common Defense recently launched Vets for Climate Justice to combat bills like this one. Making new, long-term allowances for the fossil fuel industry, without even an up or down vote in Congress, is a failure to represent the wishes of the American people. While it is true that we desperately need to expedite the nation’s clean energy deployment, we must do so without doubling down on our dependence on fossil fuel sources.

“Common Defense has long opposed the Mountain Valley Pipeline. This legislation would not only make it easier for the pipeline to be built, but it would also pave the way for other pipelines to follow by giving the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit jurisdiction over all future legal challenges.

“Satisfying the wishes of the fossil fuel industry will not protect the American people from the drastic effects of an increasingly unstable climate. In fact, it will do quite the opposite. We must pursue energy policies that will reduce our reliance on unsustainable fuel sources. We, the veterans of Common Defense, are committed to the fight for a sustainable future and will continue to work towards a clean energy economy and build a future where social, racial, environmental, and economic justice is guaranteed for all.”

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