Common Defense Veterans on the Midterm Election Results: “We Must Keep Up the Momentum”


WASHINGTON – Following the midterm elections where Democrats held onto the Senate majority, diverse Democratic Governors across the country won, and the defeat of right-wing election deniers, Common Defense applauds this as a victory for our nation. Our democracy thrives when we all engage with the process and ensure all of our votes are counted. 

As we wait for every vote to be counted, Common Defense recognizes the historic victories around the country delivered by the organizers, advocates, and most importantly the voters. Young people, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and our veteran members took to the ballot box to deliver these victories and ensure our democracy’s continued strength. 

“This election defied expectations and solidified the importance of investing in our communities. Voters took on extremist candidates, right-wing fringe groups, and restrictive policies that threaten our freedoms,” said Naveed Shah, Political Director of Common Defense. “The American public overwhelmingly made clear; they support a person’s right to choose, eliminating student debt, and fighting climatic extinction. Ballot initiatives from Kentucky to Nevada to Illinois protected abortion access, voters backed ranked-choice voting, and ensured workers have a right to collectively bargain. These victories and the new wave of progressive champions – many of which we endorsed, including Senator-elect John Fetterman, Congressman-elect Greg Casar, and Congressman-elect Chris Deluzio – demonstrate the urgency and excitement for our democracy to prevail. But, it is not over yet; we must keep up the momentum for the Georgia runoffs in December.” 

“We cannot overstate the importance of our votes. Because we came together as voters, 436 LGBTQ+ candidates won their election, Gen Z representation will come to Congress, and hundreds of marginalized people will have a say in our government following this year’s election,” said Jacob Thomas, Communication Director of Common Defense. “As we look toward the future, we hope this is the beginning of a new wave in American politics where young folks, the working class, and communities of color can bring forth new ideas and reimagine our path forward. State legislatures like Michigan and Minnesota lead by example and show what our states can look like when we get young, LGBTQ+, and working people to the table.” 

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