Common Defense on the One-Year Anniversary of the Repeal of the Transgender Military Ban

January 25th, 2022

WASHINGTON — One year ago, President Biden ended the discriminatory practice of banning transgender indiviuals from military service. We celebrate the anniversary of the end of this hateful and prejudiced policy as we continue our work to build a multigenerational, multiracial movement for justice and liberty for all. 

Common Defense Executive Director Jose Vasquez issued the following statement:

“Today we celebrate the closing of a dark chapter of discrimination against transgender service members in the United States military. The end of the transgender military ban represents a new era for the nation’s armed forces, one wherein the thousands of transgender servicemembers can serve proudly as their authentic selves and know that they are valued.

“We hope that both the Biden administration and future White House leadership will continue to represent a growth in inclusion efforts both in the military and other organizations of the federal government. We at Common Defense are aligned with President Biden in the belief that qualifications of military service are based on an individual’s capability to serve, and that one’s gender identity and sexual orientation should never preclude one from service.

“Despite efforts by those who would seek to discriminate, spread hate, and further divide us, today marks a reason to be proud of the progress that our movement has made. And while there has been a lot of forward movement in military and veterans spaces for inclusivity, we know there is more that needs to be done. As we reflect on the end of the transgender military ban, we recommit ourselves to the goal of an America that is more welcoming to diversity and where liberty and justice are truly a reality for all.”

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