Common Defense Statement on Uvalde Shooting


WASHINGTON — Yesterday afternoon, at least 19 students and two adults were killed in a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. As this is the 27th school shooting this year, it’s clear that thoughts and prayers are not enough–we need action to protect our kids and communities.

Common Defense Political Director Naveed Shah released the following statement:

“Today, our hearts break as we witness the aftermath of yet another mass shooting. It’s heart wrenching to see this happen over and over while no action is taken to prevent it from happening again. We need more than thoughts and prayers. We need action.

“When events like this happen, I often think back to when I was a 19-year-old in the Army. We had an armory for a reason: we checked weapons in and out, accounting for every round. Military mental health is not great, but we had a team of support around us. When I had a squad member I was worried about downrange, we took his weapon, sidelined him, and took him to seek treatment. Even now, I keep my weapons in one safe and the ammo in another. We learn basic safety protocol in the Army, and there is absolutely no reason why these same commonsense safety measures should not be implemented at home around guns.

“We need to increase the minimum age to buy a weapon, implement universal background checks, ensure background checks are thorough, and require regular screenings after a gun is purchased–and no one needs military-grade, assault-style weapons. Gun ownership may be a right, but it can and should be well regulated. The time for words of condolence is long gone. Our elected officials must act now before more of us are killed.”

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