Common Defense Creates “Quick Reaction Force” in Response to Trump’s Debate Comments

Sep 30, 2020 – Common Defense Veterans respond to Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacists on camera and his refusal to state that he will respect the results of the November election.

During last night’s first presidential debate Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists on camera and refused to state that he will respect the results of the November election. During the section on violence in our streets, the moderator, Chris Wallace, asked Trump if he was willing to condemn white supremacists groups such as the proud boys publicly. He stated he would but instead he said “proud boys, stand back and stand by.” Trump refuses to condemn the actions of White Supremacists such as the neo-nazis in Charlottesville who instead he called “very fine people” and more recently, Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha where he killed 2 people calling for racial justice.

According to U.S. Army veteran Jose Vasquez, Executive Director of Common Defense, “As veterans who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, seeing the President refuse to commit to respect the election results and calling on fascist gangs to rally by his side is the realization of all of our worst fears. Common Defense is organizing veterans in swing states and around the country into a nonviolent ‘Quick Reaction Force.’ These veterans are committed to protecting the democratic process from interference, exercising of our rights, and are committed to mobilizing to state capitols and Washington D.C. en masse if Trump and his allies attempt to interfere with Americans’ right to vote or prevent every vote from being counted in the weeks following election day.

We are in a historic moment of crisis that could upend our democracy unless we act to block the corruption of Donald Trump and the violence of his most extreme supporters. As veterans we have put our lives on the line in defense of our country before, and we are mobilizing now in historic numbers to protect our fellow citizens and our system of democratic governance.”

In Solidarity,

Team Common Defense

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