Privacy, Non-Disclosure & Compliance Agreement

For all members of the Common Defense Community.

Privacy, Non-Disclosure & Compliance Agreement

As a contractor, volunteer leader, or intern with Common Defense, you may be provided with sensitive information regarding members, organizational partners, donors and prospects to assist you in your role. Information may include but is not limited to names, addresses, phone numbers of individuals, private internal strategy documents and products, intellectual property, confidential communications, logins for Common Defense platforms, or other information relevant to your role representing and working with Common Defense. Be​ cause of the sensitive and confidential nature of these types of information, Common Defense requires you, like others in your position, to abide by a strict policy of privacy, non disclosure, and legal compliance. This document sets forth that policy. Please review it before checking the box on the membership form to indicate your assent to abide by these rules.

Privacy and Non-Disclosure

I understand the need for operational security and organizational integrity, and recognize that I may be provided with information in strict confidence to enable me to perform my functions as a contractor, volunteer leader, or intern of Common Defense. I will not share outside of Common Defense any information or materials I have developed for or have been given by the organization without proper vetting, consultation, and authorization.

I agree to treat all information about members, past and present partner organizations, and intellectual property as confidential during the performance of my role, and I understand that it would be a violation of policy to disclose such information to anyone without consulting with the Common Defense staff first. I agree that I will strictly limit my use of Common Defense resources, including but not limited to member, volunteer, and donor lists, organizational email accounts, social media channels, and funds, to official Common Defense business only.


In my capacity as part of Common Defense, I agree not to share information regarding Common Defense’s campaign plans, strategy, messaging or targeting with any candidate, candidate’s campaign, political party, or any agent thereof without express authorization, and otherwise to comply with all relevant FEC and IRS regulations, including but not limited to rules regarding non-coordination and in-kind contributions to candidates for elected office.

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