About Us

Common Defense is a diverse, grassroots organization of U.S. veterans and military family members who are fighting to preserve the core values we swore to uphold and defend.

We are the powerful movement of military veterans and families fighting for our communities, and a more equitable democracy. Together, we’re building a new political force for social, economic, and global justice.

Common Defense was born out of the 2016 U.S. presidential election when military veterans recognized Donald Trump as a real threat. We knew that he could win and we mobilized to stop him. Since then, we’ve grown into a powerful movement with more than 150,000 supporters and tens of thousands of veterans and military families across all 50 states.

We sacrificed for our country and continue to fight for what we know America can be – a place where liberty and justice is truly a reality for all. Millions of military veterans, service members, and families are tired of being exploited. We will not stand by as corrupt politicians loot our economy, attack our communities, and divide our nation with racism and bigotry so they can consolidate more power amongst themselves. Together, we reclaim our own stories, representation, and service for a better, more just world that’s for all of us.

We are organizing and building the powerful constituency of military veterans and families to elect a diverse new generation of progressive leaders and speak out on issues that affect our communities. Together, we can serve as vital bridges across movements to win real change.


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